UNDERGROUND EUROPE is the record fair and swap exclusively focused on underground vinyl and its third edition is taking place on Saturday the 15th of September 2018. in Berlin, Germany.

How is it structured? You will be able to find a lot of exhibitors (record stores, mailorders, record labels and private people) from all over, where you can buy records or sell your own. Indeed, every visitor can bring his/her own records and trade them or sell them at the swap.

This year we´re introducing „flying tables“ for the visitors. A „flying table“ is a table you can book just for an hour or a few hours, but not necessarily for the whole duration of the event. If you don´t want to spend the whole day sitting behind a table with your records or you only have a certain amount of time to spare, you can book 1 meter table for a certain time (for example from 2 pm until 5 pm) and then someone else will rent it. This gives people more flexibility and also the chance to sell their own records for a very small fee. You can rent a table for as little as 3 euros an hour. To book a table, please send us an e-mail to:

Besides being a record swap, Underground Europe wants to create a community of independent vinyl enthusiasts and provide a place where once a year they can meet, exchange records, listen to music and chat about it. A place where they can get in touch with people who run record stores, mailorders, record labels, play in bands, or are just big underground vinyl fans.

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