‚Moran Magal – a singer and pianist with lots of dedication. Right from the first song, you were baffled by her voice, by her passion. Together with Stimmgewalt choir, she lured the visitors into her world of music. Emotional and yet energetic, she presented her songs and the audience was enthusiastic‘. DARK NEWS DE

‚Under Your Bed‘ is an album about an epic journey, childhood demons, fighting depression, loss of a loved one and hope. It’s Melodic, Romantic, Dark and Powerful. It’s the 4th album of Singer Song Writer pianist and composer, Moran Magal.

Three years ago, after Moran Magal released her album Shades of Metal, where she also collaborated with world known figures from the Metal Scene (Orphaned Land, Warrel Dane, Yossi Sassi, Kobi Farhi) Moran moved to Berlin and started her own band together with Marcos Feminella Ishay Sommer Federico Truzzi Shir-Ran Yinon
Among their performances: Carte Blanche festival BE, Trolls and Legends Be, FemMe NL, WGT DE.

Veranstalter: Moran Magal