Lexodus, who met in the melting pot that is the Berlin music scene, today reveal their new EP ‘The Cosmic Show’ which is due for release on July 8th. With the band sitting comfortably somewhere between Hip Hop, Funk, Trip-Hop and Rock, something the band calls “Dark groove”, their sound fuses together multiple sub-cultures and perspectives – a growth which defines Lexodus as one of the freshest crossover bands in Berlin at the moment. Skid (Guitar) says “the intention of The Cosmic Show is to bring something fresh to the hip-hop scene and get away from the mainstream and trap expectations of the genre that’s been taking over the industry, compelling listeners into believe this is the only way Hip Hop should sound”. LxD (Vocals) adds, “The art of storytelling in Hip Hop needs to be brought back to the forefront, Slick Rick and Andre3000 are legends in the game and this is for a reason. Words can create vivid images for a listener and this has been lost”.

Veranstalter: Lexodus (Sacha Arnaud)